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We are a team of new technology enthusiasts. Our goal is to deliver solutions of the highest quality. We believe that the success of our client is our success. We wish not only to deliver functional systems, websites and mobile applications, but essentially to make new technology serve people in daily life and help them realise business goals.

What makes us special

  • We answer questions within minutes
  • We understand your business goals
  • We take care of constant communication
  • Quality is our priority

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Identifying needs

During our first talks we precisely identify your expectations, the project’s assumptions and business goals which you want to reach. Thanks to this we know from the very beginning how to create a project which will fully meet Your expectations.

We offer the best solutions

Once your expectations are determined we suggest the best technical solutions and outline what Your product might look like. This process allows us to decide what solutions and tools to use in order to achieve Your business goals.

We present a full proposition

On this stage we prepare a custom-made proposition for Your project. This includes your project expectations, pre-determined business goals, estimate project realisation cost and a preliminary schedule.

Project's acceptance

After the project is accepted on the business stage, it is forwarded to our technical experts who will prepare a detailed specification of Your project.

Our working process

  • Preparation of specifications
  • UX/UI Design
  • Programming works
  • Acceptance
  • Implementation of the realisation

Preparation of specifications

We create technical specifications encompassing the whole scope of works within a project. This way, we transfer all arrangements and particular needs of our client to a document which will serve as the basic source of information for the programming and UX/UI departments.


Once technical specifications are accepted we move to the stage where the UX department creates mock-ups to apply all functionalities with specifications onto prototypes, in order to successfully visualise the project realisation idea to the Client. Thanks to this, the client gets to know and finally approves the structure of the project.

Kick-off meeting

During the kick-off meeting we talk over all the details regarding project realisation such as communication method, we present tools which we use, and answer any questions. Once all the details are established during the kick-off meting, we sign an Agreement.

Graphic design

Works on graphic design begin, while software developers prepare system architecture and set servers. The UX departments commences the process of project planning so that the functionalities which will be developed by software developers are cohesive and logical. Meanwhile, the UI department creates the unique graphic layout based on the newest trends.

Acceptance of the graphic design

Project Manager presents the design to the client who either approves it or decides to modify it. Team discusses the implementation of solutions. Once graphic design is accepted, the front-end team starts work.

Dividing work into sprints

We work in the Scrum methodology, setting 2-4 week sprints or relying on milestones. At the very beginning we collect all the necessary data needed to develop certain functionalities. Then, each sprint has a specific list of functionalities divided into particular tasks which have to be implemented by the end of the sprint. The next stage before closing the sprint comprises of tests and presentation of effects to the client and the subsequent feedback to ensure that everything complies with the original project goals.

Programming works

After the first Front-end stage is concluded and sprints are set, the back-end works commence. Software developers focus on specific modules and implement functionalities which are subjected to first tests.


Each module is tested individually and then given to be tested by the client. In case of large realisation, at the very end clients introduce users to closed beta tests which provide us with valuable feedback and enable us to react to ongoing needs. After final revisions the whole website is tested once again in order to make sure that the changes do not interfere with other functionalities. This guarantees that we always receive a well-polished product.


When the project is ready and accepted by the Client, we implement it and make it available to the users.

New functionalities

Websites should be constantly developed. After the first version of the project is completed, we will prepare a list of suggested enhancements for the subsequent versions of Your project. The quality of code which we deliver provides unlimited development possibilities and great flexibility.


After implementation, each project is covered by our full support. This enables us to solve technical problems as soon as possible, constantly monitor project’s stability and the server workload. We also ensure constant optimisation in order to guarantee seamless operation of the project.

Tools we use


The tool which is used for communication with the client during the graphic design stage. We present the project and the client can use pins to add comments.


During the works concerning UX we design mock-ups which introduce the client to the structure of web or mobile application.


Each project has its own channel where all the tools used are pinned. This allows for efficient communication during the realisation.


Tools we use for setting sprints. In big realisation we engage the client too, so that they can have an insight into the whole process of work on the project.

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