6 benefits of team extension

team extension
team extension

The rapid development of the IT industry causes a shortage of programmers and other specialists on the market. How to quickly develop an internal IT team with employees tailored to projects and organizations without focusing on the time-consuming recruitment process? 

Team extension is a response to the challenges related to meeting the needs of programmers faced by many fast-growing companies, small enterprises, and startups embedded in the modern business reality. What is team extension and what are its benefits? 

When saving time and financial resources for recruitment is key - Team extension is a good way to quickly recruit specialists to the IT team who already have the skills and competencies required by the client. 

Programmers, as contractors of the client's project: 

  • spend all their time working on the project to support the company in achieving its goals, 
  • integrate with the team and internal company structures,  
  • and thus - become part of the organization during a specific project or for a specific period. 

What are the advantages of the Team extension model? 

High scalability and flexibility in demand 

In the current situation in the IT industry, building a project team is a challenge, so how difficult must it be to scale it? Team extension, as a combination of forces with an external supplier, allows recruiting and introducing programmers to work on the project within a few days or weeks. The size of the team can be adjusted to the changing project needs, e.g. if you want to develop faster in a given period - the team will be enlarged. Benefits? 

  • saving months on recruiting specialists with specific competencies (hard and soft), as well as specialized in narrow or less popular technologies, 
  • reducing risk and managing priorities as needed thanks to the flexibility in adjusting the size of the development team on an ongoing basis. 

Get access to highly qualified specialists 

Recruiting your experienced specialists with a diverse set of skills and the required technology stack to the team becomes more and more difficult. Easy access to a database of talented and experienced programmers and other IT specialists (QA, UX / UI designers, and Project Managers) is an undeniable benefit appreciated by many companies cooperating in the Team extension model. 

Team extension is a way to lower project development costs 

Expanding your IT team means less administration and costs associated with hiring employees full-time. You don't need to hire programmers permanently if you only have one project. Team extension makes it possible to create a product with the help of programmers with a wide range of competencies involved in the process from the outside. Employee maintenance costs, such as salary, taxes, and other benefits, are on the side of the company that provides access to the development team. You don't have to worry about it. 

The speed of starting the work of specialists 

It takes a long time for a new development team member recruited through the full recruitment process to start working with full efficiency. Even several months pass from the application to the position, through implementation to the organization and entry into the project. Team extension ensures the programmer is ready to work on the project after quick implementation, even from the first day. Thanks to this, you avoid unnecessary downtime and complete the project faster. 

More design control means less design risk 

Team extension leaves project management and assigning tasks and responsibilities to the client and allows him to communicate directly with the entire team. We have already mentioned that Team extension allows you to reduce the risk thanks to the flexibility of enlarging and reducing the development team. When the pace of work in the client's project slows down, the developer moves to another project. We limit the risk that the developer has nothing to work on. When the customer's demand grows again, the same specialist can be included in the project again. 

A fresh view of specialists on processes 

It often happens that long-term employees know very well the processes in the company, but are already used to certain patterns, so it is difficult for them to propose better, innovative solutions that could improve the efficiency of processes. The entry of a new person into a project who has had contact with orders of various levels of complexity can provide a fresh perspective on the project or an impulse to introduce changes. 

Expand your team with Laravel developers

Building an internal IT team is a long and costly challenge, so it is worth paying attention to other, alternative solutions, such as outsourcing. Often a better solution is to take advantage of the possibility of expanding your team with talents that can be found with an external partner, without the risk of additional costs related to recruitment. As a software development company, HighSolutions provides reliable teams of programmers who will be 100% involved in the development process of an existing project. 

Enhance the development of your project in Laravel and hire experienced specialists from HighSolutions 

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