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Increasing sales on the internet: why is it worth to have a chatbot?


When running a business related to the sale of products or services on the Internet, it is natural to use solutions that will allow us to operate more effectively and increase sales. New technologies and the opportunities that follow them are a particularly attractive area. Among the available novelties, special attention deserve bots that we can use in the Facebook Messenger application. So let's look at how we can sell on the Internet with their help, what are the advantages and how we can use them to succeed in the e-commerce industry.

Why using a chatbot is a good idea - hard data

Bots have a positive effect on sales growth - a fact that is difficult to discuss. For many of us, this is the basic argument for using this modern technology. Let's take a look at the data regarding the use of bots in the e-commerce industry.

First of all, it's worth realizing how popular Messenger is. Our country is used by as many as 11 million users. What's more, from 50 to 90 percent of them interact with bots. It's a really impressive result.

Bots are also characterized by a much better click-through of advertising content. At a time when in the case of traditional e-mails we can talk about the click-through rate of just 20%, bots can boast up to 80%. Click to Tweet

This is very important information for people planning marketing strategies. It can be seen that in the era of ever-less reach of e-mail campaigns and cutting down the reach of posts on social networks (eg on Facebook), the form of reaching a client using chatbots is an excellent alternative that should be taken into account.

Comparison of e-mail marketing with the campaign on Facebook messenger. Data source:

Advantages for marketers

Facebook Chatbot is a solution that also brings many benefits to marketers. Of course, it is a faster and more budget-friendly customer service, but it also gives an opportunity to acquire new customers among people who spend a lot of time on the internet using mobile devices (this group in our country is still growing).

What's more, thanks to bots it is possible to finalize purchases from the level of a mobile device, which positively affects the increase in sales. Not without significance is the fact that bots are still a novelty, the implementation of which can give us an advantage over the competition. The more that users value this solution and are happy to interact with it.

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Saving time and money

Using chatbot in online sales has many advantages. Above all, it allows you to save both money and time. In the case of money, we mainly talk about reducing the expenses needed to ensure a sufficient number of employees dealing with customer service. Thanks to bots, consultants can only deal with the most unusual matters. It is estimated that bots are able to cope up to 70% tasks performed by client service.

What's more, the bot allows you to stay fluid in communication - no matter how many people ask the question at the same time. It is also a great solution to keep in touch with the client. We must be aware that today the client does not want to wait for the company's response for too long. Therefore, the use of the bot in communication with customers is a great idea - it translates directly into increasing sales. It is also worth adding that the application of this modern technology does not have to involve huge financial outlays. Most clients have their own Facebook profile, so starting interaction with the bot will not require additional activities.

What about customers?

Speaking of the benefits of using Facebook Messenger bot, we can not focus solely on its advantages. We all know very well that customer satisfaction is also crucial. Let's check if the bots are able to influence it positively.

The answer to this question is YES. Clients willingly interact with bots and appreciate the opportunities they receive. The customer can ask a question any time, without having to search for a website or send an e-mail - without interrupting even conversations with friends.

What's more, the bot has the ability to remember the profile of a specific user (eg the size of clothes worn by him, preferences, often purchased products), which significantly speeds up the sales process, which, as we know nowadays is also important for customers. The recipient, who uses the help of the bot, receives information primarily about products that are tailored to his needs, interests and preferences. Bots use, among others, information about previous customer's choices, as well as demographic data. Sales is thus much more effective, and the client is much more satisfied with the service, which seems to "understand his needs" and finds solutions appropriate for him.

It is also worth adding that Facebook Messenger Bot is a much faster answer to our questions. It is possible thanks to the built-in FAQ, which is a set of the most frequent questions asked by customers and the answers to them. Most of the shops and companies operating on the Internet currently use this solution. Typically, the FAQ is in the form of a list of questions from which the client has to find the one he wanted to ask. So the client can easily get discouraged. In the case of a bot, it's enough to ask a question, and the bot will automatically answer it (based on embedded content). Therefore, the client does not have to search the FAQ on the website to receive a satisfying answer. It saves a lot of time.

As you can see, using AI (artificial intelligence) to sell online is a novelty that has a bright future ahead. The popularity of bots will grow. Therefore, it is worth to be one step ahead of everyone and invest in modern technology today.

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