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Time is money: the three most important reasons why large companies invest in dedicated IT solutions

dedicated IT solutions,ERP platform
dedicated IT solutions,ERP platform

Let's be honest, dedicated IT solutions create a great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

What is a dedicated IT solution? To put it in a nutshell: it is a tailor-made software made from scratch especially for your company. It can be a dedicated website, customer management system, warehouse management system, applications, dedicated ERP systems and others.

The IT services market is growing like never before. According to IDC, global IT spending in 2019 will amount to over $ 240 billion. However, despite the wide range of template tools available on the market (CMS, CRM, software for process automation, applications and many others), the largest corporations decide on software, tailored perfectly to their needs.

Do you want to know why this is happening and what measurable benefits can bring such a system to your company? Read on.

ERP platforms create real savings thanks to process optimization

In 2015, we started working on the platform for Alcomex - a large construction company. With the development of the company and more orders, it became increasingly difficult for the client to control the costs and profitability of the projects. For this reason, having a modern IT system turned out to be necessary to be able to determine which orders are profitable and which to avoid in the future. After several months of searching, the customer came to the conclusion that none of the public solutions on the market meets his needs.

After analyzing the needs and defining the specification and scope of the project, we started to prepare a dedicated ERP system. Our work on the platform lasted over a year.

Dedicated IT solution for Alcomex: the ERP platform has optimized company processes.  

What did the customer get from this? Margin increase, better financial control, up to 20% savings in finance work and greater employee satisfaction. During the gala on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary, the implementation of the Alcomex Office system was recognized by the Management Board and employees of the company as the biggest milestone in its history, which will allow the company to grow faster.

Effective workflow of the entire organization

We are not afraid to say this: a dedicated IT solution is the most effective system that you can give your company.

Let us use the example of the Careers Office and AIESEC - the world's largest organization run by students in 122 countries.

Their biggest venture is Career Days - the largest job fair, internships for students in Poland, held annually for over 20 years. The task to create the largest platform for managing stand reservation was before us.

Dedicated IT platform for managing the largest Job Fairs in Poland.  

The task was not easy: handling over 90,000 accounts of registered users logging into the system during peak periods, as well as allowing users to register in less than one minute. It required large coding capacities and over 4 months of work of a team of programmers, graphic designers and UX people.


AIESEC was able to accelerate the booking process four times. The AIESEC brand is rated over 300% better in relation to its previous image. 60% more students return to the fair during subsequent editions.

As you can see in this example, the time and resources invested in creating such a platform return quickly thanks to savings on processes and service.

Dedicated IT solutions are more expensive and time-consuming - this is a MYTH!

One would like to say that creating dedicated IT solutions is more expensive and less time-effective. After all, in case of a ready solution, it is enough to buy access to the platform, adapt to the company, implement the solution and train the team in its use.

Yes, at first glance. But...

Such solutions usually contain many unnecessary functions that do not serve your company and only introduce information chaos. What is also a derivative - you pay for something you do not want and do not need.

However, in the case of dedicated solutions, the system grows with you. Your company has full control over how the platform develops and you can be sure that it is always compatible with all other systems in the company.

An ideal example is the Nutricia company and the Ketoplanner platform - an international platform for patients requiring dedicated dietary support.

At the beginning, the corporation bought a ready platform from the US market. Unfortunately, the system was difficult to use, full of errors and in the simplest terms - the functional scope was not compatible with the needs of the website users.

Nutricia decided to create a dedicated solution tailored to individual needs of patients and dietitians. They were inclined towards the WordPress system tested in other projects. During the project consultations, however, we convinced them that the dedicated platform, written specifically from scratch, is the best option for them. The implementation of the system was a great success.

Dedicated Nutricia Ketoplaner platform created for patients requiring dedicated dietary support.

Thanks to the dedicated platform, there was an increase in user involvement, patients create 100% more meals in the system, and nutritionists create diets for small patients 3 times faster.

If time is money - let's face it!

Let us have a small mental exercise on potential savings thanks to the introduction of a dedicated system.

Warsaw University of Technology. Dedicated platform of the Careers Office.

Thanks to a dedicated platform for students, employees and employers, the Careers Office managed to save up to 40% of the time of work of the Careers Office employees thanks to a 3 times shorter process of introducing students.

Assuming (hypothetically) that there are 10 employees in the department, and each employee earns $ 3,000 a month. On a yearly basis, it will save $ 144.000. Each of these saved hours is an extremely valuable time that can be spent on other projects.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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