Dedicated, comprehensive and easy-to-use ERP system.

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The benefits brought by the project

more effective task implementation

margin increase and a better financial control

20% saving on administrative work

system enabled introduction of remote work

greater employer satisfaction

Alcomex is rapidly growing construction company which have been assembling façade systems for over 10 years. With the company's development and increasing number of commissions, the Client begun to struggle to monitor the costs and profitability of projects. Having a modern IT system has, therefore, turned out necessary in order to determine which commissions are profitable and which should be avoided in the future.

Tailor-made solutions

After few months of searching, the Client came to the conclusion that none of the solutions widely available on the market meets their needs. They required a tailor-made solution. Alcomex decided to enter into cooperation with us, with positive memories of our past cooperation in developing the company website. Following the analysis of needs and the determination of specification and scope of the project, we started to develop a customised ERP system.

Easier resource management

The Alcomex Office system comprises of 13 modules servicing different company processes. The most important ones include the Contracts Module which calculates the current and the estimate project margin, the Invoice Module enabling the management and billing of invoices, and the Calendar Module which facilitates the overview of delegations and holidays of all employees.

Great success in the company's life

During the company's 10th anniversary gala, the implementation of the Alcomex Office system was received by the Management and the employees of the company as the biggest milestone in the company's history, which would enable the company to grow even faster. We are immensely glad that we can contribute to the development of our long-time Client's business.

  • PHP7
  • MySQL
  • jQuery


Alcomex Office is a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for managing an enterprise, prepared especially for the purposes of the Alcomex company. All functionalities of the platform were customised to the inner processes of the company and their objective is to enhance data flow and improve the effectiveness of the enterprise's work. Alcomex Office enables, among other things, to assign and track the progress of tasks, monitor profitability of investments and tracking the business factors which are key for the company.

Clear division of responsibilities

We have prepared a dedicated, comprehensive and easy-to-use ERP system which includes the module for assigning positions and roles specifying competences and employees' scope of responsibilities. It contributes to achieving a complete control over the right flow of information and effective coordination of employees' operations in order to enforce desired effects.

Benefits of introducing ERP

ERP is a diverse solution which helps to manage, control and plan all activities in the company.

What does the client gain?

  • one database for the whole enterprise
  • full control over resources and tasks
  • automation and increased effectiveness of information flow
  • secure access to sensitive data
  • ongoing access to key factors for the company
  • financial analyses

Full knowledge of company's status and individual contracts

The biggest advantage of using the integrated company management systems is book-keeping in one place. The ERP provides the company owner with information regarding profitability of contracts, gives possibility to track the process of project realisation in real time with detailed insight into its costs and the advancement of works.

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