Mobile application for tourists which uses augmented reality.

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The benefits brought by the project

30% more of visited amusements

Time of getting to amusements twice as short

greater engagement of tourists

new promotional channel for cities and communes

new way of sightseeing

Together with the EnviroSolutions company, an expert in GIS solutions, we took up the challenge of transforming the way to sightsee and visit places worth tourist attention worldwide. After conducting the market analysis and defining gaps in tourist applications, we decided to develop and implement a mobile application using augmented reality.

A new quality of sightseeing

Our goal was to enable users of the application to easily and freely sightsee without the risk of omitting a worth-seeing place in their proximity. Thanks to the CGT application, tourists don't have to look at a map, instead they look ahead and on the screen of their phone.

Universal use

The application is designed for local governments in the B2G model. We provide them with the opportunity to develop tourism and generate a positive tourist experience. So far, we have developed applications for Dubai, Prague, Warsaw and Toruń, and currently we are working on a version which will be available in the Polish mountains. The whole ecosystem is very universal which provides the project with many possible paths for development depending on users' preferences and market demand.

Your personal guide

The app is a mobile application using augmented reality (AR), thanks to which you'll find the most interesting places in cities you visit. During sightseeing of a selected city, you can get to know that, for example, the building which has just caught your attention was built in 1850, you will get a detailed description of its history and find out when you can take a tour.

Augmented reality module in a device

Relying on habits of users of navigation applications and mobile maps, we have developed the most intuitive way of showing direction and location of facilities. With City Guide Tour, sightseeing of a strange city is remarkably easy.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR), one of the most futuristic IT trends. AR is a technology combining real world with virtually generated world through the screen of the phone camera. Thanks to this unique combination we can see 3D graphics superimposed onto the screen of a mobile device in real time. This way, the applications using AR allow to create in near unrestricted way, providing unique possibilities.

Switch to sightseeing

City Guide Tour is available to the users of iOS and Android systems free of charge. Integrating the log in with Facebook account makes it possible to use the app in only a few seconds.

Scope of work

Mock-up preparation

Analysis of the competition

User pathway optimisation

Usability tests

iOS applications

Android applications


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Adam Matysiak

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