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The benefits brought by the project

100 smiling children a month

5% increase of user base a month

approximately 7 facilities checked by parents

20 sports disciplines

growing business

The art of developing a start-up lies in finding a niche on the market and delivering a products or a service which would meet the needs of users. Entering the market happens only once, this is why it is important to make the right first impression. Our client focused on physical activity of children. It turned out, that the web lacks modern tools enabling parents to search appropriate sports classes for children in their area.

Determining users' needs

After the market analysis, the Client decided to create a platform where trainer and sports centres could post offers of sports classes for children and youth. Parents, on the other hand, can search for specific classes in a very simple and intuitive way - by selecting category or typing the relevant phrase in the search engine.

Multi-purpose communication tool

As a result of this cooperation, we delivered a modern website with an outstanding design and a package of useful functionalities. The platform is characterised by many development possibilities. One of the most interesting options is the ability to easily sign up for selected classes, open and participate in discussion groups centred around the children's classes, or expanding the rating and commenting options of centres and trainers. The high quality of the website and the great interest of users, can with time cause Sport Dziecka to be the biggest website in Poland with the sports offer for children.

Sport at your fingertips

As part of our cooperation with we delivered a friendly and intuitive website enabling parents and guardians to easily browse and book sports classes for children, with division into disciples which interest them and the possibility to filter cities where the classes take place. The idea of the start-up is to activate the youngest and promote a healthy lifestyle through the easiest possible access to sports classes.

Sports events database

Thanks to posting news and blog entries, users are informed on sports events taking place in their city in real time. The experts of the website promote healthy lifestyle not only among children but also get whole families engaged.

Technical challenge

Providing an advanced and result-responsive search engine which enables receiving results which correspond to the specified criteria with the highest accuracy.

The search engine improves browsing of the extensive database of sport offers and encourages users to explore the content. This results in generating a high level of interest in the website and acquisition of new, satisfied users.

Thousands of offers in one place.

Thanks to the website, parents can easily and quickly find sport event for children in their district. Without leaving the house, via simple and intuitive search engine, they have access to the database of thousands of offers.

Scope of work

Technical specification

Mock-up preparation

Graphic design

Programming works

Technical support


Adam Matysiak

Adam Matysiak

Project Manager

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Adam Machowiak

Lead UX

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