Ludzka Strona Zarządzania

Website of the new initiative of the Halibut Training Group.

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The benefits brought by the project

Reaching B2C clients through knowledge and creating a community

Sales leads automation

Dedicated landing page for every type of service

Website supporting the community of conscious managers

Analytics and sales funnel optimization

Halibut is a group of psychologists and business trainers supporting businesses of various industries. Taking into account the individual character of each client, they provide clients with consultancy and training support, as well as build support programs.They specialize in soft trainings dedicated to managers and C-level management.

The need to create a website for a new initiative

The Halibut Training Group needed to create a separate brand to reach B2C clients with their individual training products. They decided to reach clients by sharing knowledge and creating a community.

Turning the idea into a website

The idea was to create a place to share knowledge for people who appreciate the human side of management. Who want to "work in a different way" and build organizations and teams based on trust, responsibility and mutual participation.

Creating the “Ludzka Strona Zarządzania” website in agile management methodology

Iteratively, there were designed and implemented: dedicated product landing page for trainings, programs, conferences, parties, a blog with a knowledge base, a site with a schedule of events and a dedicated CMS.

Achieving the client's business goal

Thanks to the appropriate selection of IT technologies, client’s business goals have been achieved: good self-positioning, SEO, community building, knowledge saturation, B2C product sales, conversion optimization.

  • PHP7
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Vue.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Sass
  • HTML5
  • Webpack
  • Git
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Ludzka Strona Zarządzania

Website of the Halibut Training Group that gathers and creates a community of enthusiasts who want to build teams based on trust, responsibility and participation.

Keywords sekcja challenge

Dedicated CMS

For the needs of the project, a completely new, comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use dedicated administration panel has been developed and implemented. The CMS is super easy to use: moderator has the simplest possible service management, which consists of a large number of unique subpages.


The CMS is so intuitive that managing it does not require any instructions or training. The moderator is able to master CMS management in just a few minutes.

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Individual landing page product subpages

Thanks to business and conceptual workshops, together with the client, we created a vision of a website based on extensive, well-positioned landing pages: the main website, knowledge base, subpages of training products, subpage of the conference and a schedule page.

UX mockups

After business arrangements, all subpages have been packaged in accordance with the UX and UI rules to be as intuitive as possible for the user.

Individual Design

After completing the modeling for each subpage, an interface was designed that was consistent with the graphic identification of Ludzka Strona Zarządzania and reflected the brand's vision.

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Conversion optimization

One of the main goals of the projects was to create a website that will engage users so that the largest possible percentage of visitors will buy a selected product or service. The user's path, based on valuable content, was very important to consider the purchase of a product or service.

Call To Action

relevant sections for subpages with products.

A / B tests

the possibility to run page variation tests on selected user groups, in order to create the most optimal interface.

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Value added

The site aims at bringing together the community, to create a place to share knowledge and to present a wide range of training products in a transparent way. Thanks to building an extensive section with knowledge, linking to product sub-pages and SEO, the site gains organic traffic from the Google search engine.


A dedicated sub-page containing a comprehensive list of all events, trainings and conferences organized by the Halibut Training Group. At allows direct referral to the appropriate product and enrolling for the selected event.

Knowledge base

A blog module that builds the community and combines the value in the form of knowledge, tools and inspiration for the benefit of the entire community of interested leaders and managers.

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Scope of work

Conducting workshops

Mock-up preparation

Graphic design

Programming works

Carrying out tests


Technical support


Adam Matysiak

Adam Matysiak

CTO, Consulting

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Adam Machowiak

Adam Machowiak

Project Manager, Lead UX

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Michalina Słomiańska

Michalina Słomiańska

Project Manager




Front End Developer

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Back End Developer

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UX/UI Designer

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Front End Developer

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