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The benefits brought by the project

increase of product sales

new sales channel

increase of trust towards the product

approximately 20 minutes of child's time spent in the play area

the best source of product information

NutriKid is a nutritional product developed to nutritionally support children during disease and recovery. One bottle of the product is a nutritionally complete, high-energy, ready-to-eat liquid diet fortified in fibre. Nutrikid helps to break the viscous cycle of nutritional disorders in children's recurring infections.

Patient care

Aside from promoting its products, Nutricia Poland cares for education and well-being of the sick and their close ones. For that purpose, the company decided to create a space designed for mothers, where they can get thorough knowledge on fighting the disease of their children and spend quality time reading stories of mothers like them.

Support for mothers

For our Client, we delivered a website customised to the target group. Enjoyable and pleasant graphic design and optimised user pathway contributed to the overall easiness of use. Individually customised content for each subpage, meticulously selected animations and transitions cause the website to be eagerly visited by mums.

Fun for children

We haven't forgotten about the youngest ones. We've developed and implemented an interactive game zone especially for them. The games, on hand, constitute a combination of entertainment and education for children, while on the other the give mums a moments peace.

About the project

Nutrikid is a website of the Nutrikid Multi – Fibre product with a built-in e-commerce module for easy and fast online orders of the Nutilis Multi Fibre product. The website's design was created with the youngest users in mind and it was created in the RWD technology, thanks to which it is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

One main product

The website is a project of the Nutrikid Multi Fibre product. It is a unique product developed in order to nutritionally support children during sickness and recovery.

Technical challenges

Adjusting the layout and content to mothers and children and preparing a range of animations in order to improve the attractiveness of the presented content. All subpages were designed especially in such a way to graphically present the most important information on the product, its creation process, and how it solve the problems of parents and children.

Added value

The main goal of the website is the education and support of parents and guardians of children requiring special nutritional support.

Scope of work

Mock-up preparation

Graphic design

Programming works

Carrying out tests


E-learning module


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Adam Matysiak

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Adam Machowiak

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