Loyalty program and e-learning system for pharmacists.

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The benefits brought by the project

>300 pharmacists broadened their knowledge about medical nutrition

Increase in the recognition of Nutricia products amongst pharmacists

5x more involvement in solving quizzes comparing to other e-learning websites

10 awards/month earned by users

Increase in Nutricia’s knowledge about pharmacists’ interests

Nutricia Medyczna, a leader in medical nutrition, belongs to the DANONE group. In their offer, there are over 200 products for children and adults. Nutricia Medyczna fulfill their goals and guidelines related to the concept and rules of BEST CARE. By BEST CARE the company considers needs of patients and their families as a priority and therefore delivers the best comprehensive services in the medical nutrition field.

Interacting with pharmacists

Nutricia Medyczna, a leader in the medical nutrition field in Poland, wanted to establish a closer relationship with pharmacists by sharing and extending their knowledge about useful medical topics, as well as promoting Nutricia’s products, which are absolutely necessary for patients.

Designing e-learning system

The best solution for sharing knowledge are e-learning systems, where the content is given in a plain and comprehensive way, that make the process of learning easier.

Creating a loyalty program

To make pharmacists more interested in broadening their knowledge, there are extra points given after solving quizzes, which later can be exchanged for awards.

Knowledge as the key

The most important aim of this project was creating a place for pharmacists, where they could easily study and become more committed thanks to the competition on the website.

  • PHP7
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
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Project realization

A loyalty program built on the base of an e-learning portal for pharmacists wishing to gain knowledge about medical nutrition

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E-learning model

Educational materials are presented in an e-learning, modular way. Every module is related to a different topic and made of slides including not only text but also graphics, pictures, charts and research results.

Checking the knowledge through the quizzesy

After every module there is a quiz – a short questionnaire, which checks whether the user absorbed information about a given topic. This kind of module’s sum-up helps to remember more material.

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Participation in the loyalty program

We have prepared a full loyalty program based on scoring points through many interactions. The participant have a complete view on the history of their points, which also gives them information about the amount needed to get awards.

Awards and competition

Pharmacist can choose an award they want and are informed how many points they need to receive it. There’s a gaming mechanism to encourage participants to play.

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Besides e-learning modules, the system has a list of articles grouped according to their topics, as well as materials ready-to-download and use in pharmacies. Articles are prepared in a plain and attractive way.


Users have an access to the news: not only the most recent articles but also information about Nutricia’s latest products.

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Statistics for the company

A crucial feature of the platform are advanced statistics for administrators. That’s how the company knows which e-learning modules are the most interesting for the users, which pharmacies are the most committed and how many pharmacists mastered topics covered by Nutricia Medyczna.


Thanks to the gained information Nutricia Medyczna can properly prepare upcoming topic modules and effectively involve pharmacists.

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Scope of work

Mock-up preparation

Graphic design

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