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Internal mobile app for employees integration and informing about recent events from company life

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The benefits brought by the project

Increase in employee involvement in company life

Automatic registration for internal events

Increase in the employee satisfaction

Management of employees’ schedules

3x more views of information about Żywiec Zdrój mission, vision and philosophy

Żywiec Zdrój S.A belongs to the DANONE group – a producer of food tailored for consumers’ needs throughout their whole life. The company’s mission is a double commitment to sustainable economic and social development together with the execution of the DANONE mission, which means bringing the health through food to as many people as possible.

An app needed

Żywiec Zdrój needed an app for all branches of the company to gather the ideas for improvements, facilitate meeting organization and communication inside the company.

App for Android

The app was made especially for Żywiec Zdrój and only for Android.

Tailor-made app

Very specified wants and needs were the reason why the tailor-made app was the best solution.

Vision and mission as a priority

Our client deeply cared about their employees being more involved in the company’s vision and mission.

Focus on employees and their comfort of work

The app’s usability improved the communication amongst the employees, thanks to which work became easier and quicker.

  • PHP7
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • Webpack
  • Nativescript
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Project Implementation

A corporate platform that supports processes and increases employee involvement.

Keywords sekcja challenge

News feed

Thanks to this functionality, the employees can be up-to-date with company life events, they can also add information themselves. The materials are easy to find and can be re-opened many times. This makes employees more involved in corporate events, they are more willing to visit them and participate. It increases job satisfaction and strengthens team spirit.

Creating content

Employees can read the news, watch videos from YouTube and read materials provided by the company. They can also add content themselves – this feature works with many formats: ppt, pdf, jpg, video.

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Company’s calendar

The calendar allows users to learn about planned company events. Employees only see events that are assigned to their workplace. They can view the calendar by year, month, week and day and also sign up for the event. This promotes integration and stronger interest in company events.

Sign-up calendar

The calendar was created to help employees by keeping them up-to-date on organized events and allow for an easy registration in a few simple steps.

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Feedback from employees

Żywiec Zdrój needed the functionality of submitting quality feedback by the company employees. Thanks to this, employees can express a constructive opinion and the company can improve its processes and transparency. The application that we created gives employees the opportunities to send feedback in text or audio form. Reported feedback is sent to the leader responsible for given operations.

Reporting feedback

Giving feedback can be done in a written or audio way – employees can record feedback and send it to the appropriate users.

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App management

To help the company manage the application and edit the content, we made it possible for administrators to modify all content displayed in the mobile application:

Panel to the app management

The app can be managed from the website level with a variety of access groups (administrators, iCare leaders).


  • Creating iCare leaders
  • Managing devices’ locations
  • Authorizing devices so that they can connect from the API app
  • Managing news feed
  • Managing files available for download
  • Managing events for a given location in the event calendar
  • Browsing feedback reported by users
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Scope of work

Technical specification

Mock-up preparation

Graphic design

Programming works

Carrying out tests


Technical support


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Adam Matysiak

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