Visual website and an extensive platform for comprehensive management of processes in the ERP type company.

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The benefits brought by the project

building a prestige brand

modern customer service method

3x faster administrative works

5x faster updates on the watch repair status

double increase of realised orders

The watchmaker repair shop of Bronisław Komasa is one of the oldest authorised repair service of known makes in Poland. During the 25 years of presence on the Poznań market, the repair shop has transformed from a small watchmaker workshop into a popular place providing a wide range of services which customers know and trust. What contributed to the great growth of the repair shop was signing service agreements with the Janeba-Time company which offers watches such as Festina and Candino, another factor was entering into partnership with the Apart company, and the gradual receipt of authorisation and exclusive license for other makes, such as Edox.

The need for automation

As the website grew, the portfolio of clients has also expanded. Manual coordination of work has slowly ceased to be enough. Service over 100 website orders a week required using a system which would automate the service and enable clients to verify the status of their watch repair. The client started to look for a ready-made solution. After the market analysis, it turned out that none of the available tools meets the requirement and an investment in a customised system is necessary.

Solution tailored to the needs

As specialists in dedicated solutions of the ERP class, we took up the task of developing a system which would make the operations of the repair shop three times faster. Our work contributed to the enhancement of checking the order status, both for employees as well as for the clients. Thanks to the online availability, the order progress verification process takes several times shorter than before.

Further commissions

The fruitful cooperation with the client has resulted in another commission. We developed and implemented a visual-informative website. Besides presenting the company's history, its team, the many years of experience, scope of services and offer of new and consignment watches, the website constitutes also a compendium of knowledge within the area of watch-making and the newest industry trends.

Permanent cooperation

To complete the cohesive communication strategy on the Internet, we also cater for the Client's presence in social media. We manage the brand fanpage, influencing, in that way, the way to combine the off- and on-line communication. By offering comprehensive services, we help to develop the business which is always our priority.

  • PHP7
  • MySQL
  • jQuery

Scope of cooperation

We divided the work on the project into two stages. The first one covered the delivery of custom-made ERP platform for comprehensive management of company processes. It contributed to acceleration of order processing, receiving information on the repair status in real time, and also to the increase in the quality of customer communication. Then we focused on developing a completely changed visual identification and implementing a modern visual website containing a wide range of information on the Company.

We provide the Client with an ongoing advisory and technological support.

New quality of service

The 21st century is the Customer Era. Generating a high level of user satisfaction is the key. Modern delivery of services takes into account catering for the consumer on each step of the service, from accepting the job to support after its implementation.

ERP platform

Enterprise Resource Planning provides diverse solutions helping to manage, control and plan all operations within the company. ERP includes, among others, accounting, marketing, client database, product catalogue.

Modern business card of the Company is one of the oldest websites of its sector in Poland. The birth of the company dates back to 1989. The many years of presence on the market is visible even in the website's domain. It is unique, which represents quality in itself.

Scope of work

Graphic design

Programming works

Carrying out tests


Technical support


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Adam Matysiak

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